AppsWatch is Microsoft Platform Ready for Windows Server 2012

Jul. 2, 2013LOS ANGELES, Calif.Los Angeles, CA – NRG Global, a leading edge software performance testing and monitoring company, has announced that AppsWatch has completed all Microsoft Platform Ready testing and is now certified for Windows Server 2012.

Quality assurance specialists and system managers can benefit from AppsWatch’s user-based approach to application performance monitoring and the latest Windows Server version which provides a user-centered interface. Using both of these solutions together will simplify the entire process of system access and monitoring.   This landmark in the long-standing partnership between the two companies continues their practice of applying innovation to accessibility.

NRG Global will now be providing their image-based system performance testing and monitoring software on Windows Server 2012. This latest update to Windows Server offers enhanced security and reliability improvements and an interface that is more user-centric. Microsoft states that its Windows Server 2012 simplifies managing large clusters of servers in data centers remotely.

Sam Benihya, Technical Director at NRG Global says “Bringing these two solutions together helps us approach our goal of providing intelligent testing and monitoring software that revolves around the user.”

About AppsWatch

Following the company’s tradition of innovation, AppsWatch approaches the challenges of performance monitoring from a perspective that is unique to this software, the end users’ perspective.  This approach means that the analysis and data received from this performance monitoring software is more meaningful such as response time measures across every step of a task. This feature allows the monitor to pinpoint where the application fails or underperforms.

Building on NRG Global’s platform of image-based testing software, AppsWatch can be used to test any application in any environment without the need for plug-ins or special components. Citrix, Oracle, Java, GE Healthcare, and Adobe are just a few examples of the applications supported by AppsWatch.

About NRG Global

Founded in 2000, NRG Global specializes in user-friendly and protocol independent software quality assurance solutions. From the beginning the company hit the ground running as it was one of the first to create advanced image-based performance testing and monitoring tools. Their cutting-edge approach to performance monitoring and testing has resulted in much appraisal from their clients who include: American Red Cross, Boeing, GAP, IBM, J.P. Morgan Chase, NASA, SIEMENS, and UCLA.

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