We are changing our name

New Name, Clearer Focus

We are changing our name tAUTOMAI.

We are shedding our original name “NRG Global” that originated from our consulting origins and donning AUTOMAI which better speaks to our strength in Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Necessity can bring out the best in us.  This is what happened to us at Automai and how our intelligent automation solutions were born.

To understand better, let’s tell you our story from the beginning, back in 2000:

NRG Global began as a small testing service company using traditional tools such as LoadRunner. We lived the frustrations of testing and saw the need for a solution adapted to today’s changing IT climate.

Out of this, we created a simple solution with smart technology that tests applications by emulating users interacting with the application.

Our priority from the beginning was a simple tool that requires no coding and will test ALL your applications: We believed one install should work across EpicCitrix, third-party applications, Virtual Desktop, Mobile apps, and also integrate well with the leading testing and monitoring tools.

The technology behind this is intelligent automation, This “intelligence” makes our solutions more powerful and allows realistic simulation of users, and the actions they may take in any given situation.

For over 15 years, this solution has matured and made testing of difficult applications possible for all types of businesses…. from education to healthcare to law firms to engineering.

Our approach has always been clear-cut:   Test what the user sees. Know what works, and more importantly, know exactly what doesn’t work.

This approach was successfully applied to performance testing (AppLoader), functional testing (AppVerify), and application monitoring (AppsWatch).

Then, users who initially purchased products for testing recognized the power of this technology and started using the core engine for automating their business. 

In response to demand, we are officially adding Robotic Process Automation (Automai RPA) to our solutions.

Robotic Process Automation has only recently become popular, as companies recognize its importance… But clients have been using our automation engine for RPA for years already.  Our core technology is mature and well tested making our RPA solution is one of the most reliable available.

Talk to us about this comprehensive RPA solution that will open doors for your business.

These changes help us continue to provide simple and powerful solutions that always work… that give that “Ah, Ha!” moment after struggling to find something that works with your environment.

Do you have any comments about the Automai change, or questions for us about RPA or automated testing?  We’d love to hear from you.

Founded in 2000, Automai is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and is privately held.


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