With Windows Virtual Desktop partnership, Automai brings success to remote work environment deployments

Automai extends its long time partnership with Microsoft by partnering on the Windows Virtual Desktop front.

Los Angeles, CA – Sept 3, 2020 – With businesses and schools popularly adopting WVD as a remote work option, Automai steps in to ensure these deployments are successful and continue to run smoothly.   Going beyond measuring “Login Time”, Automai’s robotic engine learns and runs custom workflows to ensure entire business processes are always performing as they should for end users.

The custom workflows that can be made using Automai’s platform enable IT teams to validate the successful deployment of even complicated processes running on WVD applications with automated load and performance testing.  Then, using the same workflow scripts, Automai ensures day to day performance with continuous monitoring.

Automai’s advantage is its Robotic EUC approach.  Using bots in mass to access your WVD from the GUI not only gives the most accurate picture of the performance of your applications under various circumstances but also bypasses the need to account for each layer and complexity of the WVD and underlying applications and databases.   The front end approach also enables you to monitor any application accessible through WVD.

In today’s world, where EUC is becoming more and more prominent, Automai bypasses the need for coding and development resources.   By looking at the process from the end-user perspective rather than the network, database, or development angles, Automai allows the focus to stay on what needs to be delivered, and the performance metric that counts the most.

Learn more about Automai with Windows Virtual Desktop here.

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