NRG Global Announces Latest Release of AppLoader, for More Efficient Load Testing

New Release of AppLoader Load Testing Tool is Cloud Ready, Features Advanced Image Search Capabilities, and a New Controller Interface.

Los Angeles, CA December 11, 2013

News Facts:
NRG Global today announced the availability of AppLoader 7.7, the latest enhancement to their signature “user centric” load testing software that tests applications from the front end.
With this release, injectors can now register to the controller without intervention, making AppLoader “Cloud Ready.”
The image search process is now improved with the ability to take different variations of the same image while recording a scenario, the ability to select text on an image and act on that accordingly, and now features both black-and-white and color tolerance. At the same time, image search is now faster and uses fewer resources.
Release 7.7 also includes a fully redesigned controller interface.

  • Cloud Ready, Redesigned and More Efficient Image Search Process, and New Controller Interface.
  • Cloud Ready:

Injectors can register to the controller without intervention

  • Redesigned image search process:

AppLoader’s Scenario Builder now enables QA teams to take different variations of the same image while recording a scenario.
Users can now select text on an image and act on it.
Advanced image search now allows both black-and-white and color tolerance.

  • Faster image search with smaller footprint:
    Release 7.7 uses fewer resources than ever while performing faster image searches.
  • Fully redesigned controller interface:
    The new interface is more intuitive, making load testing easier. New reports provide more useful views on load testing results.
  • Supporting Quotes:

“This new release is Cloud Ready, giving testing teams a big boost in deployment time,” said Lywan Kummer, NRG Global Vice President of Marketing. “AppLoader can now clone as many injectors as they need. Just start the injectors and they are smart enough to reconfigure themselves and find their controller.”
“We have redesigned the entire image search algorithm to make it faster and more efficient. We have also added more advanced features for image capture and search.”

  • Supporting Resources:

Download AppLoader 7.7 here.

  • About NRG Global:

NRG Global’s motto is that you should test software the way you use it. Their software is built from the ground up to replicate exactly how the end user interacts with the application to give you the most accurate test possible.
Their unique approach to performance testing has helped companies around the world test critical business applications. Their clients include: Capgemini, JPMorgan Chase, Baylor Health Care System, UCLA, GAP, and NASA.
For more information about NRG Global, visit

  • Trademarks:
    AppLoader is a registered trademark of NRG Global and/or its affiliates.




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