NRG Global Paving The Way For More User Friendly Solutions To Application Testing

What’s the biggest problem facing an independent software developer? Testing. The process is expensive, time consuming, and requires a lot of knowledge about testing. But NRG Global is trying to level the playing field for smaller developers, by releasing new versions of AppsWatch and AppLoader.

Both programs aspire to make testing easier. A necessary part of the process before any new software or application is ready to be released to the public. Promising an innovative and much more easily manipulated user interface, and more in depth results.

AppsLoader simulates tens of thousands of users to test an application’s ability to handle stress. Including application functionality, overall performance, and load times when the application is under high traffic conditions.

That’s important for smaller development companies, because applications have to be tested before they’re released to the public. AppsLoader basically provides the equivalent of open beta testing, to provide instant feedback on how any given application performs under normal stress. Simulating the type of use to be expected once the application is released to the public.

Without testing, your app could end up crashing the second it goes live. But preventing that is really only half the battle. Getting your application off the ground is all well and good, but you also need to be able to maintain software.

AppsWatch is monitoring software that measures users back end metrics, as the software is continually accessed. AppsWatch monitors an application once it goes live, to continually check for degrading performance. Something a developer would want to know about immediately, to take the appropriate action.

So far, NRG Global has become a leader in quality assurance testing software because of their ability to make programs that simulate real user experiences. Focusing on the areas of an application of software that are going to be accessed the most, in the way that users are likely to interact with them.

They’ve made their name building software that replicates the real user experience. Because of this they’ve had their fair share of high profile clients. Including providing testing software for JPMorgan Chase, UCLA and even NASA.

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But they’ve also become known for their industry specific testing platforms as well. Including applications that are specialized for healthcare software, and even on-demand performance testing for immediate results.

NRG Global has also been featured recently in Testing Experience magazine, which reviewed several different aspects of the testing platform and found overwhelmingly positive results.

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