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Testing Citrix Applications: Traditional Load Testers vs Load Testing with AppLoader on Citrix


Citrix Application Testing


Using traditional load testers on Citrix applications involves a big investment in resources. In addition to their high cost, traditional load testers on Citrix are painfully slow moving. In many cases, it can take months to fully complete a load test. This has been seen as a necessary evil because load testing is extremely important to test how a new application, version, or patch will perform when launched into your live environment.

These frustrations led to the creation of AppLoader. Unlike traditional load testers, AppLoader makes economic sense to both small and large businesses. Beyond cost, AppLoader is just simply better at doing the job that it is supposed to do.

Citrix applications are typically accessed on a fat client by advanced users and a thin client by typical users. Unlike traditional load testers, AppLoader can test both.

This is because AppLoader tests from the end-user's perspective. It effectively simulates how the application will run from the perspective of the actual users that will be relying on the application. This is especially important on Citrix and its virtualized applications.

AppLoader is flexible enough to be able to test for all levels of traffic. You can get performance data regarding how your application will run at normal and above normal capacities.

Unlike many traditional load testers, AppLoader’s reporting is relevant to the performance metrics that you are interested in testing for. You can use the quality data that AppLoader gives you to make necessary adjustments to your application or to the Citrix system that is hosting it.

While traditional load testers can take months to perform a simple load test, AppLoader performs load tests much, much faster. You can complete in days with AppLoader what would have taken many weeks or even months with traditional load testers.

AppLoader is designed for every vertical industry, which means that regardless of the type and size of the business whose applications on Citrix that you wish to test, AppLoader can deliver the same great results. Unlike like traditional load testers, there are no special plugins or licenses to purchase with AppLoader.

With its advantages in cost, efficiency, and effectiveness over traditional load testers, AppLoader offers the promise of dramatically improving your testing capabilities regardless of what type of business you are in or how big you are. After performing a successful load test with AppLoader, you can be confident in your application's ability to perform once it goes live.

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