Software Quality Assurance – a Must for Business Agility

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Feb 2, 2014

Software quality assurance involves the monitoring of software engineering processes and methods in order to ensure quality. It includes various processes such as definition, coding, software design, source code control, change management, code reviews, configuration management, release management, product integration and product testing. Software quality assurance is critical since it helps an organization determine whether its systems and processes are able to meet both user and customer expectations and needs.

In an exclusive interview, Sam Benihya, IT Director at NRG Global stated, “business obligations today are more and more critical, and even more critical are the applications that businesses use. Whether an organization is upgrading or deploying a new app, it is paramount to ensure it will perform the way it’s supposed to.” Benihya stated that software applications need to be within the parameters of what is acceptable and organizations need to understand what they want out of it. Software quality assurance is irreplaceable at this point because it helps organizations become aware of any limitations with respect to response time or performance. If there are any weaknesses or any areas of improvement, they will become aware of it and will not be taken by surprise.

An important thing to remember is that software quality assurance is a continuous process. It is imperative the software quality is maintained through its life-cycle. This would thus include a constant appraisal of the processes to help identify bugs, defects, implementation issues, usage issues etc. “Software quality assurance is a continuous process with three quality assurance tests: load testing that ensures a system does not crash if and when users increase; continuous application monitoring performance testing that takes place once the application is live and is conducted to ensure that the performance does not slow down; and regression testing which is generally conducted before an application goes live and involves testing all typical transactions to ensure they are running smoothly,” Benihya explained.

Many companies today offer software quality assurance services to clients. NRG Global is a company that specializes in innovative Software quality assurance solutions and services. It was established in 2000 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. NRG Global provides clients with a user-centric, protocol independent software load testing and application performance monitoring tools that will enable them to optimize the performance as well the quality and reliability of its business application and IT systems. NRG Global has a global client base and is currently serving some of the world’s most successful companies.

When asked what is so unique about the solutions offered by NRG Global, Benihya says “What sets NRG Global apart from its competitors is the fact that our solutions are unique, simple, cheaper and faster. We focus on what matters the most and that is the user. Our whole philosophy is based on the concept that we need to understand how a person interacts with a desktop. Solutions offered by NRG Global are based on evaluating visual clues – our tests are visual, our results are visual and our solutions are visual. Our entire technology is on the front end and is based entirely on images.” He is confident that clients who use software quality assurance services offered by NRG Global will be able to derive several benefits whether they are launching a new application, implementing a new software, upgrading to an advanced version or switching their applications to a cloud platform. With NRG Global, clients are guaranteed to be ready for optimized performance.

Organizations sometimes find it difficult to implement a software assurance system. That is either because they lack the expertise required to implement such a system or they undertake too many things at the same time. The secret to establishing a successful software quality assurance procedure is to prioritize. Take it step by step and do things that need to be done first. The goal is not just to have a quality assurance system. That would achieve nothing except a huge expense and a great deal of wasted time and effort. If you take it slow and do it right, you will be able to derive long-term benefits from it. The goal of the software quality assurance procedure is to make your processes more efficient and effective and improve the satisfaction level of both clients and users.


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